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Yorkshire Cyclocross ----- Summit Challenge


Yorkshire Cyclocross

When the offer came through for the Queens to host one of the Yorkshire Cyclocross association races in Littlemoor park, I jumped at the opportunity.

Although I don't take part (rubbish bike handling skills), we have Queens that do, and we can do so much to encourage female participant by hosting events like this.

The day of the event rolled round, and after all of the organisation by myself and Sharon Cousen, helped by the Shibden CC gang, what did we get? Well, snow of course!!

Undeterred by the cold, Queens turned out in their droves to help setup, marshal, registration and spectate and clear up, and one of us even raced in the freezing cold and mud, taking 3rd place - well done Sarah! The day passed without a hitch, and we had around 200 entries ranging from 4 years old to 60+.

Thanks to all those that helped with the day!


Summit Challenge

Queensbury Queens Cycle Club celebrate climbing Everest 27 times!
“Thank you, Queensbury Queens, for giving me the opportunity to push myself to find out what I’m capable of. I’m no stranger to biting off more than I can chew because I have trouble saying no at times, but this seven-summit challenge has definitely brought something out in me over the past month!” Jayne Gordon QQOM Cycle club member.

Keeping a cycling club going can be difficult as the dark nights draw in and the weather takes its toll, especially if your club is the highest club in England and has been established less than 18 months. But turn that on its head and make the local terrain your asset and the clubs inexperience its enthusiasm and throw in some mugs as trophy’s, you have got yourself the October Seven Summit Challenge!

In September members were encouraged to pledge the number of ft. they could climb on bike rides in the month of October with the aim of contributing to the clubs Seven Summit total of 142,124 ft.  based on the seven continents highest peaks. Majority of members use a cycling App that measures the accent of each ride they complete. The club then totalled these each week and promoted individual and the overall achievements as well as organising specific hill reps training and organised rides.

As a total the club achieved 778,561ft of ascent which is 5 times what we hoped with the majority of members achieving their own personal targets. The club’s membership increased by 20% during the month but most importantly individuals have reached their target through supporting each other. “Well-done to everyone who took on the challenge and reached their own personal summit, even if life got in the way of getting to the top of your mountain, we all got there together!”

Yorkshire Cyclocross ----- Summit Challenge

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