Queensbury Queens of the Mountain


29th September 2016

It's Christmas Eve. Well it may as well be! You know that giddy electric feeling you get the night before such an exciting big event. We've all got it today! In fact... If you bottle our energy you might be able to power the homes of Queensbury for a couple of weeks. 
Why such excitement?
Because our kit arrives tomorrow!!!!!! Aaaaaaaargh!!!!!!!
Can you imagine how amazing - more amazing - we'll all look in the same colours. Our logo on show for the world (hey, we might venture out of Yorkshire!) to see. 
We already attract a lot of attention. 20+ women cycling passed you normally does. 
Now we're going to have everyone knowing who we are. 
We are the Queensbury Queens. 
We are women. 
We are together. 
We are so flippin giddy excited!!!

So... Coming soon... Pics!!!

That Lass at the Back
28th August 2016

Well... All's well that ends well I guess?! And whatever will be will be!?
Today was the QQoM picnic - a social event for families and friends of QQoM's. Except we had to change the time. Then it was fine. Then we had to cancel. Then some decided they'd go anyway. And some went with their families straight to saltaire to have a picnic. Then all met anyway!!! Haha!!!
Can't stop us queens I guess!?

It truly was a case of whatever will be, will be. We didn't have the numbers we'd hoped for, but we ended up with a beautiful bunch of Queens & meeting their lovely families. 

We all chat away on social media & we often put names to faces on rides, but today we were able to have an insight into each other's family lives.
That's something I feel road sharers forget. Not between us Queens & our club members. I mean other road users. They're able to honk their horn at us & scare the bejesus out of us, nearly knocking us off our bikes. Because they don't know us. They're able to drive so closely, showing how much bigger their transport is compared to ours. Because they don't know us. 
We are real. We all have a story. We all have people caring about us. We matter. 

I like to think we're slowly but surely changing the face of not just female cycling, but cyclists on roads in general. 
We cycle safe. We cycle proud. We smile at everyone we pass. We care for others and ourselves. 

Thanks everyone for the picnic that never was but found a way anyway. Minus the picnic bit!
Cycle safe!

That Lass At The Back

9th August 2016

I've not been for a ride with the QQOM's for 5 months, 1 week, 6 days & 22 hours now. I miss them. Ok, only one of those statements is true. It's actually only been a fortnight! But it really does feel like it's been forever! Oh - & I do miss them. 
I have been cycling in that time, but it's not fulfilling me as much as a QQoM ride. The hardest bit is seeing everyone's chats & pics from their rides together. You're proud they've gone out & what they've achieved, but my goodness you feel you've missed out! Well I have to be honest! A ride with the QQOM's is never all it sets out to be! You always get a little extra from it! A new friend... A new strava medal... A new funny story... 
Only half a week to go, then I'll be riding with then again. Phew!
This weekend there's around 10 of us Queensbury QOM's heading over to the Yorkshire Lass CC stomping ground. We're all taking part in their first sportive. 
How exciting to have a women only sportive in Yorkshire. 
Nerves haven't kicked in yet. I'm just excited right now! I can't wait to meet other women on their bikes, tackling those hills & creating new moments of pride with our club. 

See you all in Thirsk ladies! I'm that one at the back! Give me a wave! Haha!

That Lass at the Back 

1st August 2016

Happy Yorkshire day! How lucky are us QQOM's that we get to celebrate this day every day of the year. We live in the most beautiful part of this country. We have it all: beaches, hills, canals, big cities, little villages. What we have the most is Yorkshire people.  I moved to Yorkshire just over a decade ago. I soon realised it was home. I'm getting that same feeling from our cycling group too. It just feels right. We've all clicked. It feels like home.
What better way to celebrate Yorkshire day?
With our KIT LAUNCH!!!!!!!!
We treated our members with a hourly countdown towards the revealing of our kit. This felt like torture to the committee! We just wanted everyone to see it; to be as proud & excited as we were.
Then the time came.

Our social media suddenly exploded with excitement, praise, pride & love.
We have the missing piece for our club. The kit.
We still have to wait until it can be made & ordered, but for now we get to cheekily keep looking at it. Which is what I keep doing! I keep going back to the page & just staring at it. It's a work of art. It emulates everything we wanted to represent in our club of strong, determined, powerful, caring women.

That Lass at the Back

27th July 2016

500!!! I cycled my 500th mile tonight. That's pretty awesome isn't it?! I never ever ever would have thought I'd get to that number. I remember the little 3 mile rides back in the beginning. They were hard. I realise now they weren't hard because of the distance; they were hard because I had to put the effort in to get out there. Turning up can be the hardest bit.
Getting out there is easy now. Mostly. I can't wait to turn up at our club meet up point & see who's turned up - & how many.
Tonight was an amazing turn out! We had 16 in our beginners group. Yup! You read that right!

That Lass at the Back

24th July 2016

Imagine hills. Lots of hills. Now imagine women. All shapes, all sizes, all backgrounds, all abilities, all amazing. Now put these two together and you have the QQOM's expedition ride!
14 of us met at 8am on a fine looking Sunday morning. If you can have the perfect cycling weather I guess this was it; not too hot, not too cold, sunnies on, blue skies above us. 5 more left at 8:30am to 'catch us up'.
We would be cycling from Queensbury to grassington, via Skipton, and back again. Covering 60+ miles & climbing thousands of feet.
Here is my blog from that day:

On Sunday I did the Queensbury -> Grassington. Except I didn't. I stopped at Skipton. I arrived in Skipton full of tears (thank you Michelle for my much need sob on your shoulders!)
I was so upset that I'd been so slow on those damn hills.
I was upset it was lonely on those hills. As on the flat there were 14 of us. Felt amazing in a mini peloton! Instead there was myself & Sam (thank you again Sam!)
I was upset that every time I caught up from a hill everyone was watered & ready to go.
I was upset I knew I'd have to stop at Skipton. Only 20mi (I've done much more before)

Now it's today. The day after. My muscles feel nice-achy. The ache that allows you to get on with things (like walking!) but reminds you you did some good exercise. And it's the day after the event. I've had time to calm my myself down.

I wasn't actually upset with the hills (they were friggin hard tho!) & certainly not the groups ability (Altho it's confirmed I'm DEFO a beginner on those hills still!)
Nope. I was upset at ME. I gave up. Didn't believe in myself. I'd text my husband on one of the hills saying I'm stopping at Skipton.
When I arrived at Skipton I wasn't aching or out of breath. I could've carried on to grassington.
I was scared of slow the group down again tho.

I wanted you all to know this because when you're in the heat of the moment it's the wrong time to make a decision.
I was so upset yesterday. I shouldn't have been.
I should've just dropped back a bit maybe (couldn't speed up!)

Thanks to all for supporting me. As always. No one made me feel like stopping. Only me.

What I should be saying to myself is well done on keeping up with Int 1's on flats!!! Well done for going on a big ride after a ride the night before. Well done for just eating whatever the night before & still being able to get up & go. Well done to the girl who only a few weeks ago was scared to arrive at the raggalds!!!

Sorry for such a blog post! (Wait til you've that popping up one day to read! Haha!)

See you at the next big ride. Yeh - that's right! I'm not giving up!

That Lass at the Back

22nd June 2016

Happy one month QQoM!!!
I guess after a month we've lost a few people. It happens. Hey, it's ok... honestly it's one of those thi----!!! What!?! We had our biggest turn out!?! Really!?! 27 ladies of every type of background.
We totally rock!
There's something really empowering about Cycling on the tops of the world (well, we are up here in Queensbury aren't we?!) in a pack of determined women. I'm envious in a way of drivers going about their evening journey, turning the bend to see all of us!!! We must look awesome!!!
So... to quote Heather Small "what have you done today to make you feel proud?" For some it's been arriving at raggalds; to meet new faces. For some it's been getting that bike out the back of the garage & giving it its first run about. For some it's been the hills... the distance... the time to yourself... the riding alongside others... the road... we all have our reasons. And we should all be so flippin proud.

That Lass at the Back

22nd May 2016

History happened tonight. Tonight saw 17 ladies ride their first ever ride for Queensbury's first ever women's cycle club. Yes, that's right... people actually do cycle up there on the peak of that mountain we know as Queensbury! And not just any old 'people'... Women! Of all ages, backgrounds, fitness levels & shapes.
The thing we have in common? Well a few things actually! I bet you thought I'd just type cycling!?! That's the obvious answer, but there more to it than that. We share the want for fitness... fresh air... cycling not alone (not necessarily group cycling you see - that comes after a few rides together I reckon!)... having a giggle & a natter... learning from one another... the list goes on actually!
And so 'Queensbury Queens of the Mountain' cycle club was formed.

I for one will never ever forget cycling down my usual roper lane route to The Raggalds (one I often take alone & wish I had someone to natter to or be encouraged by along the way) only to turn the corner to see fluorescent dots of pink & yellow in the distance. As you approach you realise there's more coming from the other direction too... and the other direction... we're everywhere! Those fluorescent dots were the jackets of lovely ladies who had taken that amazing brave first step of turning up to a bike ride.
And so it began... friendly hellos then a choice of an intermediate route or a beginners route. Fab volunteers lead the rides & equally fab volunteers acted as sweepers (keeping at the back so no one was left behind - a VERY important premise of the clubs beliefs)
We, the beginners, cycled 6-9 miles on our first ever ride together. We took it at a comfy pace. We stuck together. We smiled & we chatted.
We did it!!!

So there you have it. Queensbury QOM's first ride together.
We made history tonight ladies.

That Lass at the Back