Queensbury Queens of the Mountain

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Vicky Mathwin

Committee Role: Chair

Bike: Liv Avail Advanced 1

Cycling since: 2011, when I started to commute to work on a cyclocross bike that was far too big for me!

Favourite thing about cycling: The competition with myself and the mental and physical distance you can put between yourself and your problems.

Biggest achievement in cycling: Starting this club! Other than that, it would be completing a solo 100 mile trip from my home in West Yorkshire, to my hometown of Hartlepool.

Contact: chair.queensofthemountain@gmail.com

Kate Lightstead

Committee Role : Secretary

Contact : secretary.qqomcc@gmail.com - Mobile 07737871475

Julia Graham

Committee Role : Treasurer


Zoe Towers

Committee Role: Ride Co-ordinator

Contact: ridecoord@queensofthemountain@gmail.com

Elise Fitzgerald

Role: Communications Officer

Bike: Erm... Red?! I'm gonna say Hybrid?!

How long have you been cycling? Since May 2015

Worst cycling experience? I was about to reel off a billion then! But the reality is... I'm over them (so they can't have been that bad!) I think my worst moment to date was slowly crawling up a hill to the village and a car slowing down next to me, which in itself made me feel uncomfy, then came the laughing, then I noticed they were filming me on their phones! Not the best feeling ever. Didn't stop me tho. Now I kinda wish they'd do it again so I can speed through the speed camera & leave them to it! HaHa!

The best thing about cycling is... That amazing 'weeeeeeeeee' downhill after you've finally made it to the top of one of those nasty hills! Plus seeing yourself improve with every ride - whether it's the distance, elevation, speed, time, any challenge!

Why did you join QQoM? To be part of something. To cycle with groups of like-minded women.

What's your biggest personal achievement to date? I took part in the London 'Ride the Night' in May 2016. This meant cycling 104km through the night in to the heart of london. Best thing I've ever done. The feeling as you're cheered over that finish line is just the most incredible thing ever.

Describe your cycling style in 3 words: Slow, determined, teenage-strops!

Catherine Sweeney

Committee Role: Kit officer

Bike : Hybrid

Cycling since: I have been cycling since Christmas 2015 due to my lovely sister buying me a bike for my Secret Santa gift. On my first ride out on my new bike, I went over my handle bars on Pool Bank, in Heavy traffic.  I was not used to riding a bike without suspension and the pot hole took me out. Cars stopped and helped me back on and I knew things would only get better.

Favourite thing about cycling: Freedom, the opportunity to take in the beautiful Yorkshire surroundings and improved mental wellbeing.

Biggest achievement in cycling: My biggest achievement is getting out twice a week on my bike, I am a busy Mum and its easy to prioritise other thing but everyone needs some me time.

Maria Holmes

Committee role: Welfare Officer

Bike: Ridgeback Hybrid (fingers crossed Santa brings a road bike for Xmas)

How/when you started biking: As young as I can remember. I remember having a purple Bike with streamers on the handle bars and the all important doll carrier at around 5. I then upgraded to a Raleigh BMX blue with pink at around 9. I did no stunts but I looked cool! I then upgraded to a a mountain bike around my early teens. At the same time I began to focus on school, boys and my affair with biking ended.

Fave thing about cycling: The feeling you get whilst on the ride and afterwards. It's great fun and exercise. I'm able to feel like a kid again as I ride down hills wind in my hair and the satisfaction and pride I feel as I finally reach the top of a hill! Im not sporty and clearly not built for sport. But cycling gives me an opportunity to improve fitness, it's now also become a family affair with my partner and kids cycling together!

Biggest cycling achievement: My biggest cycling achievement has got to be coming to the first QQOM group ride. I was nervous, anxious and had not been on a bike in years!! I did I it the three laps of raggalds, cross lane, old guy road and denholme brighouse road. I kept up with the group, didn't fall off and I've reacquainted myself with the gears and am now focussing on building confidence on the roads and fitness so I'm not always the fat lass at the back