Queensbury Queens of the Mountain

About our rides


When we meet

Wednesdays: 7pm
Sundays: 6pm
Sundays: 8.30 am (longer rides)

Other rides may be arranged on an ad-hoc basis by members via the Facebook page, and will be added to the website schedule if possible. Any variations to these times will be posted in the ride schedule.


The Raggalds Bar Car Park, Brighouse & Denholme Rd, Queensbury, BD13 1NA (unless otherwise specified)

Ride Classifications

Traffic free rides for those returning to cycling, or just those wanting a nice social cruise. Up to 10 miles. Sometimes suitable for children (as specified in ride schedule).

SteadyEvening rides: Up to 10 miles
Sunday morning: Up to 25 miles
Pace: Below 10mph.

Chaser Evening rides: up to 15 miles.
Sunday morning: up to 50 miles (with option for more on expedition rides)
Average pace: 10-12 mph depending on terrain.

Catcher Evening rides: up to 20 miles.
Sunday morning: up to 50 miles
Average pace: 11-13mph

SpeedstersEvening rides: up to 20 miles
Sunday morning: Up to 50 miles (with option for more on expedition rides)
Average pace: 12-15mph depending on terrain

An essential cake/butty stop will always be included in the long rides

Please pick a ride within your capability.

Please Note:

- The ride schedule gives details of planned rides. If there is no ride planned in for your capability, please feel free to ask on Facebook to check whether any other members would like to join you.

- Anyone wishing to lead should contact the ride coordinator at least 24 hours before the ride is due to commence and either specify a route from the club library, or discuss a new route with the ride coordinator.
- All rides require lead rider and sweeper.
- Sweepers are more than welcome to volunteer in advance of the ride or will be nominated before commencement of the ride by the lead.

Members who wish to discuss leading a club ride, or to ‘shadow lead’ a ride should contact the ride coordinator.

Ride Coordinator: Kate Lightstead (ridecoord.queensofthemountain@gmail.com)