Are you ready for The Bronte Sportive 2022!

This year Queensbury Queens have joined forces with Manorlands for the Bronte Sportive. There has been a surge of woman who are taking part this year.

For 2022, there will be six Bronte themed routes to suit all abilities:

The Heathcliff, at 92.7 miles, is by no means one of the longest sportives, but is recognised as being mile for mile one of the toughest sportives in the UK up alongside the Fred Whitton.

The Charlotte is 73.7 miles, the Emily is 49.9 miles and the Anne is 29.2 miles. The 24.3 mile route is shorter and flatter that Anne, and is named Branwell largely because it passes an average of over 1 pub per mile along the route. Patrick (9.9 miles) is a relatively easy route for beginners.

This like all of our routes will include the iconic Haworth main street where all participants get the opportunity to do the Chris Mitchell Memorial Hill Climb Challenge.

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