Club Rides

QQoM operates a varied and regular ride calendar across set days of the week, with rides to suit all abilities. All upcoming rides, whether set club rides or members rides, will be scheduled on the Stack Team App.

Cyclists joining the majority of our rides should be comfortable riding on roads, including main roads. Those who aren’t may join our Greenway Saturday Social.

There are resources available to help new riders develop their skills; contact HSBC UK Breeze or CityConnect, both of which aim to encourage more people to get out on their bikes and offer safe and practical tips for beginners.

Will I Be Quick Enough?

This is the most common question and barrier when joining a cycling club. At QQoM the answer is definitely ‘YES’. We have four ride categories which all have guide average speeds dependent on the terrain we are riding on. We also do not leave anyone behind.

Our steady ‘A’ group rides average up to 11mph (17.5kph) for a ‘flat’ ride i.e. under 350ft (105mtrs) of elevation per 10 miles (16kph) to 5-6mph (8/9.5kph) for a very hilly ride i.e. over 1,000ft (305mtrs) of elevation per 10 miles (16kph). At the other end of the scale our speedier ‘D’ group riders average 17mph (27kph) for a flat ride and 11-12mph (17.5/19kph) for a very hilly ride. Our ‘B’ and ‘C’ groups are somewhere in between.

A full ‘Guide to Club Rides’ including speed, terrain, and types of rides can be found on Stack Team App in the ‘documents’ section.

Not sure about your speed and elevation why not try using Strava to track some of your current rides to see what sort of pace you ride at and over what elevation. Or come and join one of our Wednesday evening or Saturday Social rides where experienced members can give hints, tips and advice on which rides will be suitable for you.

Monday Evening - British Summer Time only

A flat ride as a great introduction to the Queens and a social catch up.

Saturday Social – 2nd Saturday of the month – All Year

A flat ride of approximately 18 miles (28km) along the Spen Valley Greenway with a café stop.

These rides are ideal for any members who are new to cycling or don’t feel confident to go out on the roads.

This ride will help to build your bike handling skills and confidence.


Haworth Sat Social

Haworth Saturday Social – last Saturday of the month – All Year

A hillier but still very social ride to the beautiful town of Haworth and back – approximately 18 miles (28km). Groups are organised from attendees with experienced members leading and sweeping groups of varying pace.

On arrival in Haworth we stop for a well-earned cuppa, cake and plenty of chat.




Wednesday Evening Club Ride – Weekly – British Summer Time only

Our most popular rides set off from Raggalds in Queensbury. In the height of summer we will often have half the club turning up. Rides are organised into our 4 different categories varying from 10 to 25 miles (16 to 40km). With shorter, gentler options for our steadier riders to longer, pacier jaunts for our speedier members.

And afterwards we generally make time for a drink in the pub and a good catch-up.



Wednesday.Night.Mixed rides
Members Club Rides

Members' Club Rides - Any day or time

As many of our members lead very busy lives, we encourage them to set up rides for the club that fit with their schedules.

With everything from gentle canal pootles to social Friday catch-ups to weekend warriors heading out to explore the Dales both on and off road. There is always something for everyone.

Can’t find what you are looking for then set up your own – you will be surprised how many Queens will be itching to join you.


Challenge yourself…


Members of QQoM are constantly looking for ways to challenge themselves from entering their first sportives to tackling a coast to coast.

We have tried the world of hill climbing and now we are taking our first steps into racing. Who knows what will come next!

The supportive nature of the club has everyone achieving new goals and trying things they never of dreamed of.



Ride Library

QQoM maintain a library of routes around Queensbury and surrounding areas through Ride with GPS.